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1. The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held during November and at such meeting the members shall elect the President, the Officials, and shall decide the venue of the next Show.

2. Each sectional sub-committee shall prepare draft prize list and nominate judges, stewards and submit their draft for the approval of the General Committee.


3. At any committee meeting, five, and at a General Meeting, eleven, members shall form a quorum for the transaction of business.


4. Any proposal for new rules, or suggestions for the alteration of the old ones shall be made and decided upon at the A.G.M., provided that notice of such proposals be handed to the secretary no less than 14 days before such a meeting is required to be held.


5. Except in the case of the Inter Hunt and where otherwise stated in the schedule, all persons intending to exhibit in the livestock section must send the entry form to the Secretary by not later than 24th June 2024 together with the correct entry fee, on receipt of which admission tickets will be forwarded. NO ENTRY WILL BE ACCEPTED IF NOT ACCOMPANIED BY CORRECT FEE. Double entry fee after closing date.


6. All exhibits for open competition must be the bona-fide property of the exhibitor and have been in his/her possession for two calendar months, and allstock shown in the District Classes must have been in his/her possession and on his premises within the district of the Society for at least three calendar months previous to the Show, and must be his or her property on the day of the Show.


7. Every person in charge of an exhibit in the livestock section will be admitted free to the showground on the showing of a ticket (a maximum of two tickets per exhibitor) and must remain with the stock in his or her charge (or find proper substitutes) until the close of the Show.


8. A qualified veterinary surgeon shall be appointed annually by the General Committee. He/she shall, at the request of the judges or steward of any class, examine the stock in any class, and any animal which he/she may then report to be suffering from hereditary disease, or to be of any age or size other than required by the conditions of the class, shall be disqualified and he/she or the stewards shall also as soon as possible and within one week of the day of the Show, report to the Secretary every exhibitor who may have, in their opinion, broken any rule or regulation of the Society.


9. Any person may make a protest. All protests shall be made in writing to the Secretary within one hour of the judging of the particular class; all protests must be accompanied by a deposit of £5, which amount will be returned to the depositor if the protest is substantiated, otherwise to be forfeited to the Society.


10.The Judges will be directed to with-hold any prize when they are of the opinion that there is no sufficient merit, or that any animal is not properly classed. All sheep must have been really and fairly shorn bare after March 3rd, 2024, and the judges are directed to disqualify any exhibit if they are of the opinion that the same has not been properly sheared.


11. Any person offending against these rules will be liable to forfeit all awards that he might be entitled to.


12. A meeting of the General Committee shall, if necessary, be called within 14 days of the Show to hear any protests. Their decision thereon shall be final.


13. Neither the Society nor any of its Officers or Servants will be responsible for anything that may happen from any cause or circumstances whatever to exhibits or their servants, or through or to any animal or other exhibit shown at the Show, and it shall be considered a condition of entry that each exhibitor shall hold the Society harmless, and that he shall indemnify the Society against any legal proceedings arising from such causes or circumstances.

14. CUP AWARDS. Prize Cards will be awarded in place of all Perpetual Cups in Horticulture and Produce Sections only.

15. We kindly ask that all cups and trophies are returned to our Trophy Secretary before the 31st May 2025.  The address is Cae Haidd, Nebo, Llanrwst and telephone number 07720756609 

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